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New Single Zero Out Now

Start listening out for us on your favourite radio or streaming radio service soon. The new single Zero is out now and getting radio play and reviews.

Here's what Alternative Fruit had to say:

"The track begins on a wobbly synthesiser which builds in volume until a bassline and drum add their percussive dancing flow. The music builds with subtle progression, then a vocal-line streams through the network of open ended beats. Like a sports car, we glide across luminous night roads while city lights shoot by, each one representing a bubble of human life. A guitar riff spills over with a chord melody to allow the music to raise the bar and pressure. As synths break down the drums into a tranquil reservoir of sound, a bluesy solo shines over the digital framework. Lyrics return with the onset of beats which allow the track to build again before it closes."

Follow this link to read the full article from Alternative Fruit.

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