The Zero EP

A new release from LäGzz.

Four track EP including the radio edit of Zero

and three all new tracks Burning, Home and My Life.


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LäGzz – Zero EP

Pure White Light Album

This CD is what happens when you take an

East-Coast she-wolf and a London experimental guitarist

and shipwreck them in Germany.

LäGzz’s debut is not only stacked synths and

heavy beats, ala Eurodisco,

its a moody array of German chillwave.

Tracks like MR FORREST and ATLANTIC AVE are

club style dance sensations and the atmospheric

tracks like SO ALONE (watch the video!)

zone us to a midtempo of hushed chants and introspective lyrics.


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LäGzz – Pure White Light




The Crown: The betrayal of love … treachery and treason …

Pure White Light: To crash and burn and emerge into the Pure White Light of the rebirth.

So Alone: The despair and alienation of loneliness.

Traction Babe: The truth and lies told by us all to get through life and love.

Burning Soul: The terror of the witch hunt and the release of the soul.

Song of the Dead: A tale of love lost at sea.

Zero: Love and freedom … The ultimate aim.

Bleak: The pain of separation. Voices from another time, a lost hope.

Mr Forrest: A drive with Mr Forrest … to salvation or death?

Atlantic Avenue: The rush of NYC.

Acid Wash: Creation and Destruction.