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The Influences of Tomorrow

The Tomorrow album lyrics were influenced by the short stories of author Laura Libricz. Here's the background on each track.

Calvin: A woman pushed too far who turns on her attackers.

Black Rabbit: The total destruction of life and nature by man. A weapon used in war without knowledge of the consequences.

Chains: The young woman making a break for freedom, fleeing abusive traditions.

Contamination: The modern world, a contaminated lifestyle. Going nowhere fast.

Feel Nothing: A vision of the world in despair. The escape from the lonely city, from the loss of love.

For Love: A woman burned alive by her village. Paying the price for love in a loveless world.

Rivers: The lonely old man on his own, ignored by society. A prisoner in his own home.

Hang 27: A modern tale of frustration.

The White Room: The final thoughts of the experimental lab animal.

The Crow and the Moon: The magical rite that lifts the veil and brings only darkness and fear. The pain and rage crosses over.

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