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New Music - Feel Nothing

A track from the forthcoming LäGzz album inspired by a short story from author Laura Libricz. Check out the track here: Feel Nothing

He paid the cab driver

At the red-brick entrance to the train station

Crowds like brainless livestock

Petty lives and mundane concerns

Claim to be superior

Empty and unfulfilled

He had lived in this city all his life

A seat on the express train to the airport

Young women speak and smile

Insects under his microscope

Brick houses speed past,

Rat cages that hold the dull-witted troops of overpopulation.

He woke from an uneasy doze

The train stops

The herd disembarks

Humidity and heat

A bus waits

A classical piano from a cheap radio.

In this electrified, motorised world

He needed no one to share his journey

The bus moves

Green, lush vegetation darken the road

The world as he knows it fades away

Sleep again an uneasy doze

A woman screams

Tiny, white, floating parachutes

sail on the breeze towards the sun.

the breeze through a field of dandelions

setting the seeds alight in the sun

Tiny, white parachutes crossed his vision

float up towards the sun

Memories of a girl he had once loved

her lilac and vanilla perfume

He could see her face

He loved her still

Light fades with a festival of songbirds

Like blackbirds on the rooftops in the evening

All-consuming loneliness crushes him

A life wasted

He bows his head and allows it to come

Feel Nothing

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