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Alternative Electronic Music Collective based in the UK.

Atmospheric Electropop band founded in Nuremberg with associations intersecting NYC and London converging finally in Brighton. 


LäGzz have been creating music and art since 2015. PURE WHITE LIGHT their international debut album released by the BUT! Music

Group was followed by the Zero EP. Their latest release TOMORROW sees the band expand their electronic beats and acoustic instrument influence.

A mixture of melodic electronic dance explosions, stormy guitar solos and fresh, ethereal soundscapes blending modern indie-electronic poetry with a vintage beat.

“This is what happens when you take an East-Coast she-wolf and a London experimental guitarist and shipwreck them in Germany. LäGzz’s debut is not only stacked synths and heavy beats, ala Eurodisco, its a moody array of German chillwave. Tracks like MR FORREST and ATLANTIC AVE are club style dance sensations and the atmospheric tracks like SO ALONE (watch the video!) zone us to a midtempo of hushed chants and introspective lyrics".

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